At Happening, we work with technology that handles serious scale on par with the Googles, Netflixes, and Amazons of the world.

Driven by user needs, we are changing the whole experience of a particular human activity.

If you ever wanted to see how software can handle billions of transactions per year - why not join us?

Complexity doesn't scare us, boredom does.

How we make it happen

Respect, empathy, and excellence drive us.

We're more than just colleagues - we're a community that values hard work, teamwork, and kindness. Strong teams are built on different perspectives toward a common goal.

Success requires passion and dedication.

Exceeding expectations is in our DNA, and we thrive on pushing the boundaries of what's possible.

Achieving success requires a great team, not just great individuals. We prioritize lifting each other and helping those around us grow. That's the key to our success.

As a team, we take charge and get things done.

Regardless of the challenge, we tackle it head-on. That's what makes a real difference.

Sometimes the going can get tricky, but we believe in bringing the energy and supporting each other through the ups and downs. A team, above all. Above all, a team.

Our business is about engineering thrills and delivering exceptional user experiences.

Every interaction with a user is an opportunity to build a relationship, so we make each one count.

It's not about playing it safe but about creating something groundbreaking.

Driving innovation by taking ownership of our work, pushing boundaries, and challenging the status quo. This is more to us than just a job.